Rs 2000 a month per family means…..

While I wish and could Vote for JP of loksatta, my heart goes out to the best ever scheme introduced by any party till date.
Rs 2000 a month means financial freedom – for me which means you basically wouldn’t think about where you can find the next meal. How can a person be productive when he practically has to think very next meal each day? Let me give you an example – a person called Pagulaiah in my village – a dalit cobbler by birth. The man was in late 60’s begged for help from many and nobody offered him a Rs 100 and two days later people found him dead in his hut. My father later said, had I given Rs 100, his life would have been saved. Instead people like Pagulaiah might focus on bettering their skills and serving the local markets better.
Rs 2000 a month would mean end of malnutrition.
Rs 2000 a month would mean end of child labor.
Rs 2000 a month means better education.
Rs 2000 a month means a more preventive Medicare rather than taking up the cause latter. A more healthier society
Rs 2000 means vibrant local economy – with such a low income, these people are bound to spend every rupee thus more consumption – Local Grocery stores sell food and employ people. Transports and traders bring food to stores and employ people. Businesses make, package, and can food. They employ people too. Farmers grow food and raise animals. They employ lots of people too. Along the way, those industries buy equipment, insurance, services and advertising. They employ lots of people too.
Rs 2000 a month means more jobs. It’s worth it even if you can create one great leader by spending Rs 24000 a year on family – someone like Ambani, they would intern create 1000’s of jobs.
It certainly raises the life standard and expectations.
Every Rs 2000 to my estimate will create wealth and services of not less than Rs 3000 and in particular government will earn atleast Rs 1500 directly of it. Lot of us earn money which is not ours through bribes, brokerage, deals, connections, lotteries etc. So spending Rs2000 for a family that poverty stricken and lack basic necessities in life is not waste of investment nor does it create any lazy individuals. A program that gives back Rs3000 returns for every rupee spent is a better return than any bank or freebies.
If Rs 2000 is offered as a debit card we could easily prohibit other transactions like liquor.

Fight against poverty, VOTE CBN – VOTE TDP


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In support of Bathukamma….. Thank you

In support of Bathukamma

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About Bathukamma

Bathukamma is a Telugu film with Telangana backdrop. To give you a heads-up – Its more of cultural theme with a story of Girl (named Bhatukamma), few beautiful songs, a dose of politics but certainly well made. Most of the people who watched it gave a positive feedback. So guys, Give it a chance and let your friends know about it.

Produced on the Kakatiya Films banner, the film tries to make a realistic portrayal of events over a span of six decades in the backward region. This includes scenes of poor villagers not being allowed to till lands that were anyway kept fallow and instead, being given away to SEZs and of the havoc that ‘belt’ shops wreak on the daily lives of the poor.

Situations depicted in the film include small girls being sold because their parents cannot raise them and of poor villagers being arrested and shot by policemen on the suspicion that they are helping naxals.

All about land

The story, screenplay and music too is by T. Prabahakar Rao. The story is set in the backdrop of a typical Telangana village where lands are fallow with a leader in power selling them to an MNC in the name of an SEZ.

On ‘Bathukamma’ festival day, villagers find a baby girl abandoned near a lake. They name her ‘Bathukamma’ and the little one is raised in the village.

Bhoomayya, an old farmer, who loses his family in the Telangana Armed Struggle takes up the responsibility of bringing her up.


Sindhu Tolani plays a deglamourised role as ‘Bathukamma’ and hero Vijay Bhaskar plays a silent supporter in love with her.

The hero’s strong feelings make him revolt against his own father, who plays a villainous Home Minister in the film. Highlights include a sensitive portrayal by Venkanna as Bhoomayya, whose heart stops when the Home Minister tells him that he has to give up his land.

The lyrics and dialogues by Andesri and Goreti Venkanna steal the show.

‘Bathukamma’ has none of the commercial elements of a present-day movie but as Mr. Prabhakar Rao says, “This is not a film but life, the sentiment of my people.”



  • Banner: kakatiya Films 
  • Starring: Sindhu Tolani and others
  • Producer: M Chandrashekhar Rao and P. Ramamohan Rao
  • Director: T Prabhakar
  • Story: T Prabhakar
  • Screenplay: T Prabhakar
  • Dialogues: Dr. Andhe Sri
  • Music Director: T Prabhakar
  • Cinematographer: Vijay
  • Singers: SP. Balasubramaniam, Gayatri, Srikanth, Pramod Kumar, Chaitanya, Rama Devi, Bandaru Sujatha Sekhar, Thelu Vijaya
  • Lyrics: Gorati Venkanna, Nagapuri Rajamouli
  • Audio: Madhura Entertainments
  • Release date: 1st May 2008


  • Bathukamma: Artist(s): SP. Balasubramaniam Lyricist: Gorati Venkanna
  • Sinukamma: Artist(s): Gayatri Lyricist’: Andhe Sri
  • Maisamma: Artist(s): Srikanth Lyricist: Chaitanya
  • Thatikallu: Artist(s): Pramod Kumar Lyricist: Nagapuri Rajamouli
  • Randi Kadalirandi: Artist(s): Lenina Lyricist: Andhe Sri
  • Bathukamma Bathukamma Uyyalo: Artist(s): Ramadevi
  • Chithoo Bothula Bomma: Artist(s): Chaitanya
  • Himavanthunintlo butti: Artist(s): Ramadevi
  • Kalavari Kodalu Uyyalo: Artist(s): Bandaru Sujatha Sekhar
  • Ooriki Utharana valalo: Artist(s): Thelu Vijaya
  • Sri Lakshmi Nee Mahimalu Gouramma: Artist(s): Gayatri


Theatres nearest

Venkatesha A/C – Narayanaguda

Sudha A/C – Shalibanda

Sushma A/C – Vanasthalipuram

Shehensha A/C – Chintal (Hyderabad)

Venkateshwara A/C – Patancheru

Sitarama A/C – Warangal

Bharat A/C – Karimnagar

Bhavani A/C – Kazipet

Alankar A/C – Suryapet

Devi A/C – Jadcherla

Kavitha A/C – Godavarikhani

Kakatiya A/C – Parkala

Omkar A/C – Bhuvanagiri

Gokul A/C – Vemulawada

Lakshmi A/C – Sirisilla

Madhavi A/C – Shankarpalli

Bhuvaneshwar A/C – Aiza

Srinivas A/C – Amangall

Srinivasa A/C – Mahabubnagar

Murali Deluxw A/C – Jammikunta

Venugopal A/C – Palvancha

Venkatramana A/C – Thirumalghery

Venkateshwara A/C – Jogipet

Sairam A/C – Achampet

Saikrishna A/C – Metpalli